A Bit About Us

We are Nikita and Dana Hartt, a married couple who are working toward creating our own homestead somewhere within the area roughly bounded by Burtt's Corner in the East, Stanley in the North, Minto in the West, and Fredericton in the South. Mostly transferable research and planning has been done through the project we spearheaded for the non-profit of which we were previously directors; this is a redirecting of that project to create a sustainable living centre. We aim to live in as much of an ecologically sustainable way as possible and be as self-reliant as possible. That said, we recognize that 'no man is an island', that being entirely self-reliant as one family is impossible. A small community is needed to fill all of the roles necessary to accomplish this. This website is one of the ways we hope to attract others who also want to establish a homestead in the area mentioned above. That way, we can all work together to build, in a 'barn raising' manner, and maintain, as a community, an ecovillage to serve as an example to others while it shelters us through the transition to an uncertain energy future.

Some ideas we intend to incorporate into our homestead, and hope for the ecovillage as a whole, include: a community land trust, passive solar design, natural building (including straw bale and cob), rocket stove mass heaters, permaculture, a democratically controlled steady state economy, and local governance involving direct democracy and consensus decision-making.

If you share our concerns and our hopes, we have much to discuss.  If you want to be a part of a homesteading ecovillage in the area in which we intend to become established, we hope you will consider joining us.  If you want to homestead alone or become part of an ecovillage outside the area in which we intend to establish ourselves, we still hope to make contact with you, since a regional support network would be in everyone's best interest.